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Our Mission - Vision - Core Values

Mission Statement


Our mission is to encourage, edify, equip and empower those in need, while sharing the love of God, starting in our city and to the "Ends of the Earth".


Vision Statement


Our vision is to find the root causes affecting individuals and communities in need, and finding innovative ways to address those needs with sustainable solutions. We do this while living on mission, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and encouraging others to do the same.


Our Values


ENCOURAGE - More than just through acts of kindness, we will take the opportunity to highlight the hope we have in Christ: Urging one another in the truth and reminding one another of the infinite goodness of the Gospel.


EDIFY – Establishing relationships and building up individuals by sharing the love of God through openness, mutual respect, and service to others.


EQUIP – Providing individuals and communities with either the physical and or spiritual resources needed, not only to address an immediate need, but to provide long term sustainability. 


EMPOWER – Empowering individuals and communities by identifying the root cause of their needs and moving from reactive, commodity-based kindness to the kinds of relational, holistic strategies that have long term effect.



Learn to do right; seek justice.

Defend the oppressed.

Take up the cause of the fatherless;

plead the case of the widow.

Isaiah 1:17



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