In Guatemala, many families use open fires to cook inside their homes leading to devastating respiratory problems and severe burns. At especially high risk are children under the age of 5, for whom acute respiratory infection is the leading cause of death.


The ONIL stoves we install are a safe alternative to open fires, removing smoke from the home and reducing firewood usage by 70%. Working alongside the families, Always On Mission installs ONIL plancha stoves in homes, and in Onil Multifunctional Stoves specifically designed for institutional cooking in schools.


These stoves dramatically reduce the incidence of respiratory illness and other health problems families and the cooks in schools experience and also cut the time they spend collecting firewood. That means more time in school and earning income, especially for women and girls.


Costs:   Plancha Stove - $131.00 each

Multifuntional Stove – $99.00 each



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